Every great cast stone project starts with the design details; profile, length, width, and depth.

These shapes can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of the completed job. For traditional cast stone and pre cast concrete you are limited in your options. You either choose one of the pre-existing mold shapes, or endure the added cost and extended lead times that come with making custom fiberglass molds. New Cast Stone is in a different position by utilizing foam molds. Molds are cut out of EPS foam for each specific job, there is no added time or cost for creating your own custom profile and design. Due to the unlimited design nature of foam molds it can be overwhelming trying to come up with the right shape for your project. That’s where our shape catalog comes in. With over 500 molds to choose from it can help eliminate the guess work. Choose a shape directly from the catalog, or simply use it as a starting point to design your own personalized shape.

Popular Shape Examples


12x24  Our most popular!

Caps | Trim

Header | Sills