What Is Cast Stone?

Cast stone or reconstituted stone is a building material that replicates the look and feel of naturally cut stone. The process uses precast concrete to make architectural features such as columns, panels, and trims. New Cast Stone has spent over two decades pioneering lightweight cast stone systems, bringing technological advances to a building material that hasn't changed in 100 years. New Cast Stone's advanced custom cast stone allows architects and designers to develop projects with ease, unlike traditional cast stone. While traditional cast stone adds weight concerns for architects when designing, New Cast Stone's technologically advanced cast stone is lightweight, making it easier to design with. New Cast Stone's lightweight cast stone seamlessly integrates intricate details and ornamental design features. Due to the lightweight nature of the advanced building material, New Cast Stone's custom cast stone has integrity and straightforward installation.

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Why New Cast Stone?

Tuscan Stoneworx Certified

New Cast Stone is a certified Tuscan Stoneworx cast shop, exclusively utilizing Tuscan Cast Stone Mix and casting systems. Tuscan Cast Stone Mix provides consistent and lightweight products, bringing many advantages to architectural cast stone. Handcrafted finishing processes bring an authentic look and feel to Tuscan Stoneworx products. New Cast Stone is backed by Tuscan Stoneworx protocols, industry-leading testing, and architectural specifications.

Benefits of Limestone

Limestone is one of the world's oldest building materials. Some of the oldest stone buildings in the world are made of limestone. Limestone is one of the most durable all-natural stone building materials. Weather resistance is another quality that limestone possesses. Limestone is also very versatile; most limestone is off-white in color, making it easy to match to your home. Other color variations in limestone include gray, black, beige, red, and yellow. Limestone is a great resource due to its positive properties and ease of use.

Lightweight Cast Stone

By using Tuscan Cast Stone Mix, our cast stone is cast to be ½" thick with a foam core. The foam core allows our cast stone to be lightweight while remaining durable. Depending on the size of the profile, our cast stone can be up to 80% lighter than traditional cast stone or precast concrete. The lighter weight of New Cast Stone's custom cast stone translates into money savings through lighter building design, shipping and handling, and installation.

Benefits of Cast Stone

New Cast Stone uses real limestone, integrating the advantageous properties of the stone with the advantages of cast stone. New Cast Stone's advanced cast stone looks, feels, and ages like traditional limestone, bringing an authentic appearance to our products. With 16 standard colors to choose from, unlimited color options, and two handcrafted finishes, New Cast Stone brings versatility to our designs. By merging advanced materials with time-tested manufacturing processes, New Cast Stone's cast stone is durable and built to last decades. New Cast Stone offers consistent products through our strict quality control program; we can assure that our products have the same high-quality feel, colors, and finishes every time.

Easy to Install

New Cast Stone's custom cast stone is much lighter, stronger, and more versatile than traditional cast stone or precast concrete. These beneficial properties make our cast stone easy to work with and install. Our lightweight custom cast stone gives architects a straightforward way to incorporate detailed and ornamental features into their stone designs. With its lightweight properties, our cast stone allows our parts to be adhered rather than mechanically fastened. New Cast Stone's custom cast stone uses less equipment, making the installation process more efficient and saving time and money.

New Cast Stone color sample chart

White base Means
More Color Options

New Cast Stone offers 16 standard colors to choose from or a custom color match. Our cast stone has a white base, meaning you'll have more control over which color your custom cast stone is. We offer both honed and stone finishes for our cast stone products. A honed finish will have a smooth, consistent surface finish, while a stone finish will have a textured and organic finish similar to naturally cut stone. With New Cast Stone, there is a color for every application or design.

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New Cast Stone foam molds

EPS foam molds means
unlimited Shape possibilities

New Cast Stone offers over 500 EPS foam mold shapes to choose from; you can use one of these molds from our catalog or use it as a starting point for a custom foam mold with no additional costs. The shape of your cast stone design can substantially affect your project's overall appeal. With New Cast Stone, the options for shape are limitless, making your cast stone project easy to personalize and match your unique style.

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Recent Projects 

At New Cast Stone, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and detail-oriented work. As Utah’s premier producer of lightweight cast limestone, we have helped advance the technology used to create custom cast stone. Our New Cast Stone team has worked on many projects that we are very proud of; the Major League Soccer Club Real Salt Lake’s Rio Tinto Stadium, St. Regis, Rockefeller Center, Venetian Casino, Ritz Carloton, and other leading hotels and educational institutions. We can make just about anything you’re looking for with our custom cast stone including columns, column caps, balustrades, cornices, facades, panels, pier caps, and cast stone. Check out our project gallery for inspiration for your next custom cast stone project!