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New Cast Stone Products is your portal to a world of architectural possibilities. Discover various products, including cast stone shapes in various colors and textures. Discover our TFRC selection for higher strengths, guaranteed quality control, and a lower carbon footprint. This Products page was created to help you find the right fit for your architectural project.


These shapes can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of the completed job. For traditional cast stone and pre cast concrete you are limited in your options. You either choose one of the pre-existing mold shapes, or endure the added cost and extended lead times that come with making custom fiberglass molds. 

Colors & Textures 

Final color selection should always be made from physical samples. Due to the natural limestone used in the production of New Cast Stone products, slight color variations from part to part are possible. 


TFRC is a high strength pre-engineered GFRC mix that has been optimized to produce industry leading strength levels consistently and affordably.